A-Top Management Services

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A-Top Management Services in Stevenage old town got in contact with me to have some of their properties in Stevenage photographed. The pictures were not to be used for the advertisement of the properties, instead they would be compiled together into a mosaic to cover the front and back of a personalised A4 folder which will contain important information for prospective customers. I left the office with a list of 13 properties around Stevenage and the rest was in my hands (and the hands of the great British weather!). We were quite lucky in the UK to have a reasonably mild winter this year. In fact it seemed like we had an extended autumn which went straight into to spring. But of course the only time I needed it to be quite nice outside for these pictures you can guess what happened? SNOW! Luckily it wasn’t a huge amount but it did delay me by hanging around longer than necessary. When the snow had melted away the usual grey, drizzle filled British days took hold and I soon decided that waiting for a good run of golden hours was not going to get me anywhere very fast. I made the decision to shoot the properties on dry evenings or overcast days and if necessary replace the skies with stock shots from my library. This would increase the amount of time spent in post production but more importantly it would get the pictures to the client in time. Thank goodness for my stock library of different skies!

If you need some pictures done for your business then please get in touch – info@dannyloophotography.com

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