Baby Lily’s first photoshoot

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I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph baby Lily exactly one week after she arrived in her parents lives. She was a perfect little 6lb 15oz  bundle of joy who was so perfect she even arrived on her due date (which I’m reliably informed is very rare for a first baby). Proud parents Richard and Kerry invited me into their home which was still looking incredibly tidy. As the father to a very energetic and mischievous 20 month old boy, my memory was fresh enough to remember what they were going through so a home visit was ideal in this situation.

We had a selection of props and outfits to choose from but we decided to keep things simple. I decided to keep things simple from my point of view also. We draped a plain white sheet over the sofa and used cushions under the sheet to keep Lily comfortable and in position. I had a Bowens Gemini head with a 95cm octobox on a boom stand suspended about 50cm directly above Lily. This large light modifier was about twice the size of Lily and so gave me a lovely soft light which wrapped around Lily and the white sheet also bounced light back up again which meant I didn’t need any additional lights. The setup can be seen in the diagram below, they didn’t have a baby icon or a sofa so Lily is a little older and has grown some pigtails and I have constructed a sofa from three cubes! As you can see, you can’t get much simpler lighting than this setup!

Baby Lily I really wanted to try and get a specific image I had seen before but had not had the oppurtunity to try. One where the baby looks like they are laying down on their front and supporting their heads with their hands under their chin. I had never had the courage to try it before I had my own baby. Having a baby of my own gave me the confidence of knowing how to handle a baby and also just how deeply they sleep when they are this age. As long as you are patient and careful, with a little helping hand and a touch of photoshop, you can achieve these kind of positions!


The hands were removed afterwards with photoshop and I used another picture to replace the top of Lily’s right ear and side of her head which were blocked by the finger. I am really happy with the result and all in all it was a successful shoot.

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