Hertfordshire Action on Disability headshots

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Last week I was asked to shoot some new headshots of the staff at local chairty HADS for their website. They wanted a specific style to match with a banner at the top of their website so the brief was to shoot everyone at a table with arms folded and on a white background. They would then be cut out and the persons arms would rest on the top of the banner on the website.

My setup was fairly simple with a speedlight in a softbox directly in front and above the subject at about a 45 degree angle and another speedlight firing into a lastolite hilite background at around head height (seated). I didn’t need the whole background lit evenly because they were going to be cut out from it anyway so a single speedlight was enough to blow it out and also provide a bit of rim lighting.

Below is a picture of the setup and a couple of the final shots. You can find out more about Hertfordshire Action on Disability and see the headshots in action on their website – http://www.hadnet.org.uk/home-new.aspx

If you or your company would like some staff headshots done then please get in contact – info@dannyloophotography.com

Photo 24-09-2014 11 00 58DLP_5442


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