One Church Street Art Gallery

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I recently went along to catalogue some of the pieces of art on display in the One Church Street gallery in Great Missenden for their online shop. The gallery is owned and run by Joanna Bryant and Lyndsey Keeling who were also my assistants on the day! The artwork ranged from paintings to sculptures made from marble or stainless steel. The aim was to get through as many as them as possible in one day and we managed to catalogue over 50 items. Each item needed two pictures because we wanted to show them in situ with a chair or plant to give some kind of scale as well as a close up picture showing the item in detail.
Overall I am very pleased with the results. The lighting was challenging for certain artworks and in particular I am very pleased with how the owl sculptures turned out. The original picture was very flat because the sculptures were right next to the wall and the white owls disappeared into the white wall. To solve this problem we moved the sculptures away from the wall but kept the light the same distance from the sculptures. This meant that the light fall off did not illuminate the white wall and so it fell into a pleasing grey colour which allows the owls to stand out from the background. In photography terms this is known as the inverse square law. This was a really handy trick because when you have a lot of items to shoot in a day, you don’t want to be changing lighting for each one. Just moving everything away from the wall allowed me to change the look of the picture very quickly without having to bring in a background or figure out a different way to light them.
A lot of lessons were learnt from this shoot, in particular the importance of sweeping floors and cleaning walls. It is important to do as much as you can in preparation of the shoot to save yourself time in post processing.

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